Pleated Shades

OEM Shades Inc. utilizes metallized Verosol brand fabrics in it's pleated shade product line. Verosol metallized pleated fabrics provide excellent sun shading properties, thanks to a microscopically thin layer of aluminum on one side,  They keep the heat out whilst still permitting a view to the world outside.

All fabrics are processed in Verosol's own production facilities, thus enabling absolute control over quality and appearance. Verosol fabrics are re-known for their pleat stability, and will stay in shape for many years.

All photos on this page may not reflect actual product(s) sold by OEM Shades Inc. 

SPECIALTIES: OEM Shades Inc. offers a broad range of special pleated products, matching special applications, situations or conditions, all utilizing Verosol Fabrics.
Angle Blinds Day/Night Blinds Trapezoid Blinds


Skylight Blinds

Door/RV Blinds

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